Newsworthy Lab Codes for Covid-19 and CPT 2021 Manual, Trusty Tip for Modifier -62, and Aristotle’s Spark


Welcome to the Paint The Medical Picture Podcast, a Nexsen Pruet, LLC series, hosted by Sonal Patel, CPMA, CPC, CMC, ICD-10-CM. Episode 1 provides a glimpse into Sonal, as well as the ways this new podcast is structured each week – with Newsworthy news, Trusty Tips for best practices, and inspirational quotes in a segment called Spark. Newsworthy discusses four new lab codes for Covid-19, as well as sweeping new changes to office and outpatient E/M codes for 2021. Trusty Tip highlights best practices for appendage of modifier -62. Spark illuminates us to this day with Aristotle’s wisdom. As a nation, we’ve all been walloped with details of the coronavirus Covid-19 for months now. As health information management professionals, as medical coders, billers, and compliance officers we have been reeling with the seemingly endless changes in rules and regulations and have done our best to keep our heads above water. Kudos to all of you for that impressive feat! Go ahead and listen, subscribe, rate, and review! Now on: Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Breaker: Pocket Casts: you would like to reach out for Sonal’s consulting services, please contact her directly at: Find Sonal on LinkedIn at: Find Nexsen Pruet Healthcare on LinkedIn at: